Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kathleen Phipps.

Thank you for visiting my blog, where it’s my mission to share with you my love of food, photography and writing in my weekly blog posts.

In this blog youll find a collection of the recipes and dishes Ive created, inspired by my travels abroad and my favorite chefs and produce in the Pacific Northwest. The cuisine I make is inspired by the abundance of produce grown here. Whether Im growing the produce in my home garden or picking it at a local farm, turning these fresh ingredients into beautiful and delicious dishes is my passion and what I most look forward to sharing with you!

I also love writing about my favorite restaurants, coffee shops and food artisans in Portland. Some of the best food and drink in the world can be found right here in Portland. It’s my goal to highlight the places that wont break the bank and provide a special and unique dining experience. It’s my goal in this blog to share with you my favorite picks so you too can experience this delicious cuisine!

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Dont hesitate to contact me with suggestions for restaurants or requests for recipes or any other questions you have.

I can’t wait to take you on this culinary journey with me through my recipes, photos and stories!