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Kat Phipps

Kat Phipps

Kat Phipps, an independent social media marketing consultant specializing in food, tea and travel.

I specialize in food content creation for websites and social media pages, creating quality digital content for restaurants and food businesses, helping to sell and market their products and menus to new and existing customers.







Featured 500 word Article + package of seven photos and text

I write feature articles about your restaurants’ new chef, seasonal menus, new outdoor space or any other needs. I come in and do the interview, take photos and write the review. Reviews are focused on describing the atmosphere, location, menu items and mission of the restaurant. Restaurants and/or businesses can elaborate on any specific needs they’d like to be communicated in the review.

Turnaround is seven days. You can expect the full photo package and review within that time frame.

Photo package includes exterior shot, interior shot, drinks, appetizers, main dishes and desserts. I come in and set up the camera to take photos of each of the dishes and try them as well, taking notes about them for the feature article.

Combined with the photos, this creates a full package which can illustrate exactly what a restaurant’s vision is. The package includes a short summary to use as social media post.

This is the complete media content package. Getting the word out about your restaurant and or food business is a passion of mine. Let me help you improve your restaurant and/or food business marketing needs.

Check out my “British Tearooms by Kat” as examples of articles and photos.

Contact me here for more information: Send a message to Kat