Mariage Frères Eros Tea with Eros Tea Jelly

Mariage Frères Eros Black Tea with Eros Tea-infused Jelly:


Mariage Freres Eros Tea & Tea Jelly with scones and clotted cream

This is one of Mariage Frères’ most famous tea blends, a romantic tea that’s perfect for an afternoon tea at home. The classic black canister holds tea leaves that are heavily scented with a beautiful bouquet of floral flavors including hibiscus, lavender, rose petals & mallow flowers. The accompanying Eros tea-infused jelly is just as enticing, which I served with my homemade scones along with some imported English clotted cream. What a romantic combination and certainly one of my favorite’s from this venerable Parisian tea maker. @mariagefreresofficial

Learn more about the Eros tea and jelly at Mariage Frères’ website here.