Fortnum & Mason’s Rose Black Tea, Rose Biscuits & Rose Petal Jelly

Fortnum & Mason’s Rose Black Tea, Rose Biscuits & Rose Petal Jelly:

Fortnum and Mason Rose

Fortnum and Mason’s Rose tea, biscuits and jelly

I’ve been making my own rose petal jam for many years now, a rewarding, but time incredibly time consuming process. I’m glad to have discovered a place to purchase the jelly already made, from London’s most famous luxury department store, Fortnum and Mason.

I first discovered this jelly during my visit to Fortnum’s @diamondjubileeteasalon for afternoon tea a few years ago.

Packaged in beautiful jars that feature Fortnum’s signature peacock emblem, this jelly has such an authentic rose flavor and fragrance that is especially delightful when paired with their rose biscuits.

Flecked with tiny bits of candied rose petals, these biscuits are the perfect match for Fortnum’s rose infused black tea. The canisters are also beautiful, a bright pink color with gold embellishments. This rose-themed set really brings a spark of joy to my day and makes for a very special afternoon tea at home!

Let me know how you celebrate afternoon tea at home in the comments section below!

Find out more about these lovely treats at Fortnum and Mason’s website here.