Earl Grey Chocolate Bars

Earl Grey Chocolate Bars

These bars are amongst my favorite earl grey tea-infused chocolates. When done well, the citrusy flavor of earl grey tea pairs perfectly with dark chocolate. All of them were outstanding, each tasting like I was drinking a cup of earl grey tea-infused hot chocolate.

Earl Grey Chocolate Bar Tasting:

@rococochocolates Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate 62%: A UK based chocolate company, Rococo makes milk and dark chocolate bars infused with a variety of unique ingredients, including this earl grey bar which tastes strongly of earl grey. If you’re looking for a bar of dark chocolate that’s mild, yet not too sweet, this is a great choice. The flavor of the tea really shines through..

@cloudforest Chocolate with Cardamom and Bergamot: Cloudforest is a Portland, Oregon based chocolate maker that uses natural ingredients in their bean to bar chocolates. They actually serve a fantastic bergamot-infused hot chocolate at their SE Portland Café. Although this bar doesn’t technically contain any tea leaves, I included it in the list because of its infusion of bergamot orange, the citrus fruit that gives earl grey its unique and zesty flavor. The bergamot and cardamom combination is dynamite.

@crowandmosschocolate Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate 67%:This Petoskey, Michigan chocolate company, founded by owner Mike Davies, makes artisan chocolate bars that feature unique tasting profiles. The inclusion of earl grey tea in this bar here only adds to the unique flavor of the dark chocolate cacao.

@cocochocolatier Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate: Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, this chocolatier makes a tantalizing variety of both milk and dark chocolate bars infused with exotic ingredients you won’t find elsewhere. Their packaging also features original artwork from artists around the world. This dark chocolate bar has an intense earl grey tea flavor that stands up beautifully to the rich dark chocolate.

@dolfin_chocolate Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea: One of the preeminent Belgian chocolatiers, Dolfin makes sinfully rich and smooth chocolate bars in the traditional Belgian style, including this earl grey tea infused dark chocolate bar, which has a wonderful tea flavor and texture from the finely ground tea leaves included in the bar. Simply amazing!

@cafetasse Dark & Earl Grey Tea Chocolate: Based in Brussels, Café-Tasse is world-renowned for their chocolates. Much like the Dolfin bar, this bar also has ground up earl grey tea leaves that are blended together with the silky dark chocolate, resulting in a rich and potent earl grey tea-infused chocolate tasting experience. Absolutely wonderful!

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These bars are available for purchase at @barandcocoa & @chocospherellc , two fabulous purveyors of artisan chocolate bars.

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