My new afternoon tea blog is here!

Hi everyone! I have a new blog, devoted to afternoon tea in Britain! I’ll be exploring the best places for afternoon tea in the UK, sharing my adventures and discoveries. I’ll also be writing city guides to destinations around the UK as well as creating afternoon tea recipes inspired by my travels.

British Tearooms by Kat


Afternoon Tea scones and desserts at the Goring Hotel, London

I’m going to be writing about tea rooms that are currently open in the UK. I am not able to visit right now because of the current pandemic situation, but I am going to be writing about these tearooms in anticipation of visiting them when things reopen. Until then I hope you enjoy reading about these places and planning your next visit!

Rose desserts I made for at Rose Festival themed Tea Party I catered in 2018
Kat in Westminster, London, May, 2019