Matcha Chocolate Bars

Matcha Chocolate Bar Tasting

Matcha Chocolate Bars

Matcha Chocolate Bars

During the two years I lived in Japan, I became obsessed with the bittersweet flavor of matcha, a fine powder made from pulverized green tea leaves. I became very passionate about matcha green tea while studying tea ceremony and was always on the lookout for the best matcha-themed treats and desserts around town.

For this post I gathered together all of my favorite matcha-infused chocolate bars. Whether blended with white or dark chocolate, these chocolate bars all have something special to offer and are amongst the best I’ve ever tried.

Matcha Chocolate Bar Tasting:

Matchaful @matchaful Matcha White Chocolate Bar: This New York City-based matcha company makes an irresistible matcha white chocolate bar containing their own ceremonial grade matcha. Naturally sweetened with honey, this bar has a deep, rich “true” matcha flavor with a silky, smooth melt-in-your mouth texture. Outstanding!

Vosges Haut Chocolate @vosgeshautchocolat Matcha Green Tea and Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bar: This is a fine choice for a healthy bar of chocolate, combining Vosges’ intense dark chocolate with matcha green tea and spirulina. Pure indulgence without the guilt.

Éclat Chocolate @eclatchocolate Green Tea & Roasted Rice Bar: Based in Madison, Wisconsin, this renowned chocolatier makes a rich and satisfying chocolate bar that combines green tea-infused white chocolate with dark chocolate, flecked with bits of toasted rice that gives the bar a wonderful smoky flavor.

Cacao Sampaka @cacaosampaka_madrid Matcha White Chocolate Bar: This Madrid-based chocolate company makes a wonderful white chocolate bar with an intense matcha flavor, like drinking a cup of matcha-infused white hot chocolate.

Compartes @compartes Matcha White Chocolate Bar: Based in Los Angeles, Compartes makes a variety of bars with unique flavors, including this matcha white chocolate bar which has a wonderful matcha flavor.

Deux Cranes @deuxcranes Matcha White Chocolate Bar with Caramelized Sesame: This woman-owned business, based in Los Gatos, California and founded by Michiko Marron-Kibbey, a fourth-generation Japanese-American makes a tantalizingly intense matcha white chocolate bar, interspersed with delectable bits of caramelized sesame. This is an irresistible and habit-forming bar!

Raaka Chocolate @raakachocolate Green Tea Crunch Bar: This Brooklyn-based company makes a dark chocolate bar that features cocoa butter infused with savory genmaicha tea, as well as crunchy bits of puffed quinoa, a wonderful addition to this matcha chocolate tasting.

Sacred Summit @sacredsummit Matcha White Chocolate Bar: Made in Portland, Oregon, this bar is made with Matchaful’s ceremonial grade matcha, which has an outstanding deep and intense matcha flavor.

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