Afternoon Tea at Mhor Bread and Tearoom in Callander, Scotland

Afternoon Tea at Mhor Bread and Tearoom

Afternoon Tea at Mhor Bread and Tearoom


Mhor Bread and Tearoom is located in the small town of Callander, just inside the Trossachs National Park. Known as the “Gateway to the Highlands,” the town is as pretty as a postcard, with a Main St. lined with old brick buildings. It’s here that you will find Mhor Bread and Tearoom.

Mhor Bread & Tearoom, Callander

Mhor is a great place to stop for tea and a light meal during a tour of the Scottish Highlands. The bakery is well known in the area for its traditional Scottish pastries, which include such delicacies as haggis pie and blood pudding pie.

Mhor Bread & Tearoom’s pastry case

The bakery’s adjacent tearoom is a cozy place to warm up with a hot cup of tea. The bakery’s tearoom features communal seating that has more of a cafe feel rather than a fancy sit down tea.

Afternoon tea at Mhor Bread & Tearoom

I ordered a pot of strongly brewed Scottish breakfast tea, a truly welcome site on a cool spring day. Rather than order the usual scones and tea sandwiches, I opted for two traditional Scottish pastries, a savory steak pie and a sweet treat called a “flapjack.”

Steak pie at Mhor Bread & Tearoom, Callander

The pie was filled with mouthwatering, tender pieces of steak in a rich gravy sauce, encased in a flaky pastry crust. I’d never had a meat pie quite like this. It was delicate, but substantial enough to keep me going for the rest of the day on my journey through the Scottish highlands.

Steak pie at Mhor Bread & Tearoom, Callander

The flapjack was another wonderful surprise. I had no idea what a flapjack was, considering that in the US it’s another name for a “pancake.” These pastries, however were square in shape and made from a combination of Scottish oats and golden syrup, a thick sugar syrup commonly used in baked goods throughout the UK. To top it off, the bar was enrobed in melted dark chocolate, making it taste like a fancy version of a granola bar.

Flapjack at Mhor Bread & Tearoom, Callander

Both the pie and the flapjack were sophisticated and satisfying. I really enjoyed my afternoon tea experience at Mhor Bakery and Tearoom and recommend it to anyone passing through the Trossachs National Park or visiting nearby Stirling Castle. It’s a true Scottish culinary gem worth seeking out.

Mhor Bread & Tearoom, Callander

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